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Function of baby wipes

Function of baby wipes

Baby wipes are specially used for babies. Different from ordinary wipes, the materials and components are relatively mild. According to the different parts used, they are divided into ordinary baby wipes and hand mouth baby wipes. Because babies are easy to move and often dirty their bodies, mothers will use them to wipe their babies' hands, nose and so on. When specifically used, the functions of baby wipes are as follows.

1. Moisturizing: baby's skin is often easy to dry, especially in autumn and winter. When cleaning your baby's dirty hands and face, if you use ordinary paper towels or towels, they can't moisturize. Generally, baby paper towels with slightly better quality contain moisturizing ingredients such as aloe, which can moisturize your baby's skin.

2. Small friction: the baby's skin is delicate, the texture of wet wipes is relatively soft, and the materials used are generally thin cotton cloth or non-woven fabric, so it is softer than towels and can reduce the friction damage to the baby's skin.

3. Bacteriostasis: some baby wipes contain bacteriostatic ingredients, which can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria. For babies who are curious about the world all day, they can certainly reduce the probability of bacterial infection and illness.

Is it necessary to buy baby wipes

Newborn babies not only have delicate skin, but also their bodies are often easy to get dirty. Baby wipes can not only replace towels to clean the baby's dirty hands and face and moisturize them, but also be a good helper for the baby to have diarrhea and wash his ass. It is believed that washing the baby's ass several times a day is a headache for mothers, but it is much more convenient to wipe it with a baby wet towel, which saves time and effort, and can also be cleaned more cleanly.

In addition, baby wipes can also be used to wipe baby's toys, which is much easier than washing with clean water or wiping with paper towels. The cleaning effect is better. It is still necessary to use drops of baby wipes. The amount of each baby's monthly wipes is determined according to the baby's month and specific conditions.Function of baby wipes(图1)


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