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How to maximize the use of baby wipes

Wet wipes for baby care are mainly divided into two types, one is hand and mouth wipes, which are specially used for wiping the baby's hands and mouth, and the other is specially used for wiping the baby's body, especially the little butt. In addition, there are many other uses for wet wipes. The following article will tell you how to maximize the use of baby wipes. Let’s take a look and add a touch of warmth and happiness to your life.

  "Wipe the baby's buttocks": The peeing and stinky smell of newborn babies will always flow. If you wash with clean water every time, let alone the trouble, such frequent wearing and undressing, especially in winter, accidentally letting the baby catch a cold and catch a cold will not be worth the loss. . Therefore, the biggest use of wet wipes is to clean the baby's buttocks. Because wet wipes contain moisture and emollient ingredients, they are more thorough than toilet paper and have a moisturizing effect. Of course, they are most popular with mothers.


"Clean baby's dirty hands when going out": There are many inconveniences when going out, such as the baby smells bad, the small hands are dirty, and there is no clean water to wash during eating... all can be solved with baby wipes , Very practical and convenient. Especially in winter, while cleaning the baby, the natural aloe extract contained in the wet wipes can also moisturize and prevent small hands from chipping. Therefore, when going out, wet wipes are always a must in the mother's bag.

   "wipe the baby's nose": The baby has a cold, and the nose keeps running down. He often wipes it with a paper towel. The little nose is wiped dry and red. Mom is very heartbroken, so I thought of this method. Use a wet tissue to wipe your baby's nose, occasionally it is fine, and it should only be used when it is confirmed that the baby's skin has no adverse reactions. If it is not suitable for many long-term use, you can use a special baby mouth and hand wipe.

When using disposable wipes, be sure to keep the lid tightly closed to keep moisture, keep them in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight (ie not near windows), and try to choose those that are free of chemicals or preservatives or It is less in content. In addition, because the place where the wet wipes are stored is often dark and damp, we must always check and do a good job of hygiene to prevent the growth of various bacteria and harm the baby.

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